Website Developing Costs

One-time fee:

This fee of $100 covers the cost of designing, developing, and launching the website. Typically, the amount of this one-time fee varies depending on the complexity of the website, the number of pages, and website features that are requested, but Pioneer Website Developers keeps this at a flat $100, regardless of the complexity of the website to be designed.


Basic informational websites with minimal customization: $125/page

More complex websites with advanced features such as e-commerce capabilities, custom integrations, carts, and responsive design: $160/page.


Provide secure and efficient hosting for your online presence at a low cost of only $120 per year, which equates to only $10/month. Customers are given the option to renew annually but that isn’t required.


Our Pioneer Bundle is our best seller. It consists of:

  • 4-page minimum; up to 10 pages max
  • Purchasing our Annual Hosting (auto-renewal is not required) 
  • Waive the $100 one-time fee if hosting and website are purchased together. Discount will be applied at checkout


Proofreading Costs


Our cost for proofreading is $3.00/page, although there are factors that might cause the rate to be lower or higher. For example, the type of content being proofread, the complexity of the project, and the specific requirements of the client are all factors. But our team members will always speak with the client first and make sure that there is a clear and accurate understanding of the scope of the project, the time that the client needs the project completed, and an agreed-upon price.

Transcription Costs

Transcription rates can range from $1.00-$3.00 per minute of audio; however, there are factors that we would discuss with each client, that could cause the prices to be more. For example, transcribing specialized content, such as legal or medical documents,  often incurs higher costs due to the specialized knowledge required. Complex terminology or industry-specific jargon can increase the time and effort needed for accurate transcription. Additionally, urgent or expedited services usually come with higher costs

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