Welcome to Baking By Design

Welcome! I’m Michelle, owner of Baking By Design. Baking means so much to me because it reminds me of precious moments spent with my grandmother. I have fond memories of childhood moments being spent in the cozy warmth of my grandmother’s kitchen, where baking became a cherished tradition. She would share stories of her own childhood, of kitchen adventures with her grandmother, creating a tapestry of memories that blended seamlessly with the ingredients in our bowl.

The recipes were secret family treasures passed down through generations, and each step was a lesson in patience and precision. But it wasn’t just about the end result; it was the journey, the shared moments of laughter and learning. So, even now, whenever the scent of fresh cookies drifts through the kitchen, I’m transported back to those cherished moments, where baking wasn’t just a culinary art; it was a legacy of love passed down through the hands of generations.

I hold certifications in Food Allergy Training and also the Florida Food Service Worker Course, for your assurance of a safe and knowledgeable bakery experience.


We started Baking by Design Bakery with a simple mission: to create delicious, high-quality baked goods that bring joy to our customers’ lives. We use only the best ingredients and our recipes are made from scratch.

Being the best in our industry is what we’re all about. It starts with being a transparent company that treats people fairly with no surprises. See for yourself by calling today at (850) 637-0955 or email us!

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