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Discover reliable and affordable drain cleaning solutions tailored to meet your needs. Our experienced team is dedicated to ensuring your drains flow smoothly.

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Drain Cleaning

We offer reliable and affordable drain cleaning services with a promise of quality and durability. Our goal is to clean your drains, not your pockets.

Bathroom Sinks, Showers, Tubs

Bathroom sinks, tubs, and showers often clog with hair, toothpaste, soap, and grime, leading to slow drainage. G&R Sewer and Drain uses a specialized machine to remove debris and restore proper flow.

Kitchen Sink Drains

Kitchen drains can clog due to grease, food, and soap buildup, causing slow drainage. G&R Sewer and Drain uses a specialized machine to break through clogs and restore proper flow.

Toilet Drains

Toilet drains can clog with toilet paper, wipes, or foreign objects like cell phones and toys. G&R Sewer and Drain uses specialized tools to remove obstructions and restore proper drainage and flushing.

Laundry Drains

Washing machine lines usually clog due to buildup of detergents, lint and other debris from the washing machine. At G&R Sewer and Drain, we can clean your washing machine drain and get it back to draining again properly.

Floor Drains

Do you have a stinky or clogged floor drains? Floor drains can easily get clogged with dirt and other debris, so let G&R Sewer and Drain clean those drains for you quickly and professionally.

Main Sewer Drains

Your main sewer drain is the largest in your home, can clog from household debris or tree roots. G&R Sewer and Drain can unclog your main sewer line and other drains. If needed, we perform video inspections to check for damage, corrosion, or root infiltration.

Storm Drains

Storm drains, connected to the city’s storm sewer system or a yard’s French drain, can clog with leaves and debris, leading to backups and flooding. G&R Sewer and Drain can clean these underground pipes to restore proper drainage and prevent flooding.

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